An Overview of Piano For Beginners

Classes that involve piano for newbies would include an introduction to reading and comprehending the secrets, chords and the best ways to read musical notes. The piano differs from other styles of instruments and sounds terrific as a stand-alone music or as part of a group. Consider using a service like piano lessons in portland. […]


5 Best Plays of all Time

Historical literature has never faded from the hearts and lives of the people. We still follow a lot of drama and enjoy them on a regular basis. So here are some the best dramas of all time. Check the list to find out if any of the dramas in the list fit your list. We […]


6 Simple Tips for Drama Auditions

One great audition can drastically change your life.  A lot of things have evolved over a period and among the few golden things that are still around us is drama and theatre acting. So in case if you are interested in staging your play or auditioning for someone else’s play, in both cases it will […]