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5 Best Plays of all Time


Historical literature has never faded from the hearts and lives of the people. We still follow a lot of drama and enjoy them on a regular basis. So here are some the best dramas of all time. Check the list to find out if any of the dramas in the list fit your list. We are sure you must like all of them.


Considered as one of the most influential and powerful literature works of the world, it is a work of Shakespeare. It is also considered as one of his longest protected if work on literature. Hamlet that was a literary work alone in the beginning then began to spread as a drama as well. Approximately somewhere around the1870s people started enacting the script. It is considered as one of the best stages plays ever.

Death of the salesman:

The story of the Death of the Salesman was originally written and composed by Arthur Miller.  The story revolves around the life of a man named Willy Loman. The realities of being an average person by looks and leading a mediocre life, average when it comes to earnings are all the factors that sadden him and his life journey. Though the plot seems to be normal the fact that he had to give up on the regular pleasures and lead an ordinary life will hit hard on all of us. The story was later adapted into a drama.

Angels in America:

Again Angels in America is one of the renowned novels written by Tony Kushner.  The novel was then adapted into a novel and brought down chills in the hearts and lives of the theatre goers. It was one of the sought after dramas of that time, and even today people would love to watch it definitely more than once. The play is two parts, and they are connected with each other. The first performance of the play was staged in the year 1991.

Oedipus Rex:

Oedipus Rex is one of the greatest literary works of history. It was a blend of Greek mythology and the traffic story of a king who survived his ill-fated life. This one probably one of the earliest plays of the history and it was first staged in the year 429 BC. The play was written Sophocles whose works chair be forgotten even today.

King Lear:

When talking about the times of great drama and literature, one simply can’t push King Lear off the list as it is one of the greatest masterpieces of all times.  The recognition that this story earned is not just because it was a Shakespearean drama but also because it was one of the oldest parts that spoke of politics and other social implications with great interest and satire. Though King Lear was a traffic piece of literature, it won the hearts of many.

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