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6 Simple Tips for Drama Auditions


One great audition can drastically change your life.  A lot of things have evolved over a period and among the few golden things that are still around us is drama and theatre acting. So in case if you are interested in staging your play or auditioning for someone else’s play, in both cases it will be pretty much helpful for you to score better if you remember some of the major tips that will help you in auditioning better.

Understand the play:

As a character it is important, you connect with your story in the first place. Understanding your character and the cause and effect of your role will help you perform better on stage. Focusing on your character and understanding the play will also help the audience understand the play better.

Watch yourself in the mirror:

This probably one of the oldest tips that you much be hearing all the time. But it is very much important that you watch yourself perform. This will bring seriousness to your performance, and you will also make a better impression in the hearts of the audience. Watching yourself in the mirror will help you refine your performance. You can also emote better on the stage.

Connect with your audience:

Even before you can start performing it is important that you connect with the audience and the panel of judges. This will help ten l them better understand your play and relate your character to it. The role that success is the role that helps the audience relate it to their life.

Make it short:

Time is the most important factor in a stage play. Only the first few minutes of the play will receive the attention of the audience and the judges. So make sure that you impress them in the first few minutes. That is why we always insist the play be not more than 5 minutes. You are only staging a play for auditioning, and that need not have to be too long. Keep them occupied and make it quick.

Invite them into your world:

The audience will believe something to be their world only when they consider it real. Keep your concepts fresh and your play lively. To make the play better, the artists have to become the character. However, inviting them into your world will become simpler when you are connected with them. Remember the first tip?

Let audience take it back home:

In most of the cases when the drama is uninteresting or when the concepts are shallow, the first thing that happens is the audience is always disconnected. Even if you try and rectify this issue when you complete the work, the first thing that happens is your audience will forget the play by the time you end it. If this happens then, your play will not be worth the time you spent.

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